Basic Information

The workshop is scheduled to 6. 6. - 10. 6. 2005 and it will take place in Znojmo, town approximately 60 kilometers south-west from Brno, near the Austrian border.

It is possible to reach it by direct bus from Prague, by train or bus from Brno and by direct train from Vienna. The participants will be accommodated in the guesthouse Kaplanka with a beautiful garden and a small swimming pool, Kaplanka web pages. The accommodation will be provided in 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms with shared showers and toilets1.

The scientific program will take place in the restaurant 'U Karla' (The Charles's) as well as breakfasts and lunches. The social program consists mainly from different sightseeing tours in the surrounding area, participants are encouraged to consider local transport by bike (it is possible to rent2 them in the conference site). For those not interested in bikes a transport by car will be provided.

The area around Znojmo is famous as a wine growing region with a number of traditional vineyards, such as İobes, which was the favourite vineyard of Czech kings and Moravian princes. This wine region is famous mainly thanks to white aromatic wines, such as Rhein riesling, Müller Thurgau or Grün Veltliner. There is also a beautiful countryside and Znojmo itself is a historical town.

The main aim is to bring together scientists (mainly) from the central Europe working in the field of quantum information processing. All participants are encouraged to give a talk (a beamer and a flip chart will be available), the length of the talk will be (depending on the number of participants) 40 - 50 minutes. There is a natural limit of 20 participants due to the capacity of the guest house. Your abstracts submit, please, to before may 27th 2005. The conference fee is 150 euro and includes all meals and drinks, accommodation and complete social program. It does not include renting bikes. In each cellar we will visit it is possible to buy wines as a souvenir, but most of them do not accept credit cards. The price of excellent wine is (depending on the concrete cellar, sort of wine, year and quality) from 3-5 euros (and, of course :-), more).

(1 unfortunately the historical buildings department of local townhall does not allow to build the toilets inside the rooms because it would have changed its historical character.)
(2 The renting price is not included in the conference fee since significant number of participants will bring own bikes.)