6th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
1-4 June 2009, Jindřichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

Travel instructions: A conference bus is provided starting from the Prague Airport around noon. We do not recommend airports in Wien, or in Bratislava, because the connection to Jindrichuv Hradec from these airports is quite complicated and inconvenient.

Conference bus:
arrival day (1.6.):
13:00 Prague, Airport
13:30 Prague, Zličín (subway stop, yellow line)
easily accessible from railway stations (Main Railway station [Hlavni nadrazi] or Holesovice), or bus station Florenc

departure day (4.6.):
13:00 Jindrichuv Hradec
16:00 Prague, Airport

Closest airports: Prague, Brno.
Train/Bus public transport information: http://www.vlak-bus.cz/

Travel tips for 1.6.2009
by bus
take a taxi, or public transport to Prague Bus Station (Florenc). It is also a subway (metro) stop. If you chose public transport, then take Bus 119 to Dejvicka (25 minutes), where you can swith to metro (green line A). Change at 4th stop (Mustek) to yellow line B and get off at metro stop Florenc. And do not forget to mind the gap :-)

Direct buses to Jindrichuv Hradec
Prague, Florenc 15:1516:1516:45
Jindrichuv Hradec 18:0218:4019:10

by train
Prague, Airport14:04Bus Airport Express
Prague, Main Railway Station14:5515:14train R645
Veseli nad Luznici17:1817:36train Os 8308
Jindrichuv Hradec18:11
Prague, Airport15:04Bus Airport Express
Prague, Main Railway Station15:5516:14train R647
Veseli nad Luznici18:1818:43train R925
Jindrichuv Hradec19:14
Prague, Airport16:04Bus Airport Express
Prague, Main Railway Station16:5517:14train R207
Veseli nad Luznici19:1819:37train Os 8310
Jindrichuv Hradec20:08

Alternatively, you can use public transport to get to the Main Railway Station in Prague, or taxi. From Veseli nad Luznici, which is approx. 30 km from the conference site, you can also take taxi.


Ruzyne, conf. bus

Zlicin, conf. bus

Accommodation map, Jindrichuv Hradec