7th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
3-6 June 2010, Valtice, Czech Republic

PROGRAM (preliminary plan)

Thursday, 3.6.2010
12:00 Accommodation
14:00 Registration (Lecture hall)
15:30 Afternoon session (chaired by Jozef Gruska)
15:30 I Andreas Winter: Zero-error communication via quantum channels I
16:15 C Emili Bagan: Discrimination of mixed states with local measurements
16:35 Coffeee Break
17:00 I Richard Jozsa: Classical simulations and commuting quantum computations
18:45 C Miloslav Dušek: Experimental implementation of the optimal linear-optical controlled phase gate
18:05 C Daniel Reitzner: Scattering quantum walks in searches for graph anomalies
18:25 End of session
19:00 dinner

Friday, 4.6.2010
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning session (chaired by Miloslav Dušek)
09:00 T Daniel Nagaj: Local Hamiltonians and quantum complexity
10:00 Coffee break
10:20 I Časlav Brukner: Probabilistic theories and quantum mechanics: Is entanglement special?
11:05 T Jan Bouda: Randomness extractors
12:05 End of session
12:15 Lunch
15:00 Afternoon session (chaired by Jan Bouda)
15:00 I Andreas Winter: Zero-error communication via quantum channels II
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 I Renato Renner: Randomness extraction relative to quantum information
17:15 C Alessandro Bisio: Optimization of quantum circuits
17:35 C Marcus Huber: Detection and classification of multipartite entanglement
17:55 End of session
18:00 Poster session
19:00 Social dinner

Saturday, 5.6.2010
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning session (chaired by Časlav Brukner)
09:00 I Simon Perdrix: Computational depth complexity of measurement-based quantum computation
09:45 Coffee break
10:10 I Beatrix Hiesmayr: Testing entanglement and its manifestations at different energy scales
10:55 C Ramon Munoz Tapia: Universal Programmable Discrimination of General Qubit States
11:15 C Michal Sedlák: Unambiguous comparison of quantum measurements
11:35 C Jozef Šprojcar: Are there any untraceable quantum ballots?
11:50 End of session
12:00 Lunch
14:30 Conference trip (details later)
19:00 Conference dinner

Sunday, 6.6.2009
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Morning session (chaired by Mario Ziman)
09:30 C Marcin Pawlowski: Information Causality
09:50 C Martin Plesch: Efficient preparation of quantum states
10:05 C Tomáš Rybár: Memory channels estimation
10:20 Coffee break
10:45 C Peter Rapčan Unambiguous comparison of squeezed vacua
11:00 C Janek Kolodynski: Lossy phase estimation
11:15 C Levente Szabó: Optimal universal asymmetric covariant quantum cloning circuits for qubit entanglement manipulation
11:30 C Ivan Fialík: Unitary Noise and the Mermin-GHZ Game
11:45 End of session
12:00 Lunch

List of posters

  1. Zeynep Nilhan Gurkan: Entanglement Dependence on Distance Between Interacting Qubits
  2. Dmitry Kravchenko: CHSH game with arbitrary input distribution
  3. Nikolajs Nahimovs: On fault-tolerance of Grover's algorithm
  4. Alexander Rivosh: A quantum algorithm for function reconstruction
  5. Christoph Spengler: The state space geometry of the CGLMP-Bell inequality
  6. Martin Suda: Quantum interference between a single-photon Fock state and a coherent
  7. Jan Vlach: Gaussian quantum marginal problem