4th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
24-27 June 2007, Valtice, Czech Republic

The workshop is organized by Research Center for Quantum Information of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava), Quantum Laboratory of Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (Brno) and Quniverse (Bratislava).
Organizers: Jan Bouda, Vladimír Bužek, Jozef Gruska, Martin Plesch, Mário Ziman

CEQIP'07 (Central European Quantum Information Procesing) is a workshop aimed to concentrate on current challenges of the broadly understood theory of QIP from both physics and computing backgrounds, paradigms and perspectives: new basic theory tools, new methods of design and analysis of quantum algorithms and communication protocols, security in cryptographic protocols, laws, limitations and quantification of such specific resources as shared randomness, entanglement, non-locality and reference frames, threshold theorems, quantum programming and logic; analysing bounds on operations with physical systems imposed by quantum theory, impacts of QIP on understanding and developing quantum physics and theory of computing and others.

NEXT CEQIP: CEQIP 2008 will take place in Telč (Czech Republic) during the days 4-8.6.2008. Click back for more information after 20.11.2007

Invited speakers:
    Emili Bagan (Barcelona)
    Janos Bergou (New York)
    Mark Hillery (New York)
    Louis Salvail (Aarhus)
    Barry Sanders (Calgary)
    Karol Zyckowski (Krakow)
    Shigeru Yamashita (Nara)

CEQIP history:
3rd CEQIP 2006, Znojmo
2nd CEQIP 2005, Znojmo
1st CEQIP 2004, Malá Morávka

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