4th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
24-27 June 2007, Valtice, Czech Republic

Sunday, 24.6.2007
12:00 Accommodation
15:00 Registration & Coffee & Refreshment
15:50 Afternoon session (chaired by J.Bouda)
15:50 I Barry Sanders Duality for monogamy of entanglement
16:30 L Karl Svozil Communication cost of breaking the Bell barrier
17:00 Break (Coffee and refreshment)
17:20 I Mark Hillery Quantum walks
18:00 L Mário Ziman One time pad in quantum settings
18:30 End of session
19:00 Social Dinner (La Venerie)

Monday, 25.6.2007
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning session (chaired by M.Ziman)
09:00 I Emili Bagan Quantum state discrimination and the Quantum Chernoff bound
09:40 L Teiko Heinonen Approximate joint measurements of qubit observables
10:10 S Peter Rapčan Multiple quantum observations
10:30 Break (coffee, refreshment)
10:50 I Shigeru Yamashita tba
11:30 L Jan Bouda Quantum private channels
12:00 S Marats Golovkins On the languages recognised by quantum finite automata
12:20 S Jozef Košík Quantum Parrondo's game with random strategies
12:40 End of Session
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon session (chaired by M.Hillery)
14:00 I Janos Bergou On quantum state discrimination
14:40 L Simon Perdrix Towards Minimal Resources of Measurement-based Quantum Computation
15:10 S Daniel Reitzner Generalizing Deterministic Quantum Computation on One Qubit
15:30 Break (coffee, refreshment)
15:50 I Louis Salvail Identification in the Bounded Storage Model
16:30 S Martin Plesch Quantum compression
16:50 S Valerio Cappellini Average of entanglement monotones over random pure states
17:10 Break
17:30 L Anthony Chefles Capacities of Standard Oracle Operators
18:00 S Jozef Šprojcar Entanglement measure from error correction
18:20 S Lóránt Farkas Definition, Capacity and Decoying the Quantum Compound Channel
18:40 End of session
19:00 Dinner (Valtická rychta)

Tuesday, 26.6.2007
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning session (chaired by J.Gruska)
09:00 I Nikolaos Papanikolaou QMC: A Model Checker for Quantum Systems
09:40 L Shogo Tanimura Optimal Holonomic Quantum Computation
10:10 S Hynek Mlnařík LanQ programming language - the implementation
10:30 Break (coffee, refreshment)
10:50 L Paulo Mateus Contract signing with decoherence
11:20 L Keiji Matsumoto Self-teleportation and its applications to LOCC state estimation and cloning
11:50 S William Mathews LOCC Chernoff bound for the asymptotic discrimination of data hiding states
12:10 End of session
12:15 Lunch
Bike trip to Lednice through a flat forest-park built by Lichtenstein princes in the 19th century that contains a number of 'romantic' ruins. This park is a part of the UNESCO world heritage. The trip takes appx. 60 minutes of a slow and pleasant bike ride. The direct distance is 7km. Bike rent is included in the conference fee. Those not interested in bike trip will be transported by conference bus.

18:00 Conference dinner (Zamecke nadvori)

Wednesday, 27.6.2007
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning session (chaired by T.Heinonen)
09:00 L Daniel Burgarth Quantum Homogenization in Permanently Coupled Systems
09:30 L Tomoyuki Yamakami Multiple Quantum Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Constant Space Verifiers
10:00 S Katharina Durstberger Decoherence within neutron interferometry
10:20 S Polina Mironova Berry phase in atomic scattering
10:40 Break (coffee, refreshment)
11:00 I Karol Zyckowski On dynamical subadditivity of entropy
11:40 L Ulrike Herzog Unambiguous discrimination of two mixed quantum states: The optimum measurement for a special class of states
12:10 S Martin Štefanák Factorization with Gauss sums: scaling properties of ghost factors
12:30 S Ivan Fialík Pseudo-Telepathy Games
12:50 End of session
13:00 Lunch

Lukáš Boháč Equivalence of programmable quantum processors
Alexandra Magdalene Liguori Extended reduction criterion and lattice states
Petr Marek Vacuum as a less hostile environment to entanglent

Vladimír Bužek
Miloslav Dušek
Ian Glendinning
Jozef Gruska
Michael Nolle
Michal Sedlák
Martin Suda
Ondrej Přibyla