12th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
18-21 June 2015, Telč, Czech Republic

10/06/2015: LIST OF PARTICIPANTS look here (in order of registration)
10/03/2015: CEQIP LEAFLET ::pdf::

Best poster performance awards
    1. Edgar A Aguilar Lozano: No External Randomness is Needed to Send Private Messages |ΞpdfΞ|
    2. Matteo Rosati: Achieving the Holevo bound via a bisection decoding protocol
    3. Roope Uola: Joint measurability of generalized measurements implies classicality

12th Central European Quantum Information Processing workshop -- CEQIP'15 -- will be traditionally focused on current theoretical challenges and paradigms of quantum information processing.

CEQIP 2015 will take place in Telč in Czech republic. The program will certainly include traditional wine tasting, entertaining conference trip and mind-teasing cipher game. Please visit the websites of previous CEQIP in order to get some insight into unforgettable atmosphere (with forgettable details) of CEQIP workshops.

Participants are encouraged to submit a paper that is going to be reviewed by our program committee in order to select contributed talks. Essentially everyone is welcome to present a poster. The length of contributed talk will be 20 minutes (including discussion), so plan your talk for 15 minutes!

    Giulio Chiribella (Beijing)
    Jens Eisert (Berlin)
    David Gross (Freiburg)
    Alexander Holevo (Moscow)
    Marco Piani (Glasgow)

BEER COMMITTEE: Jan Bouda, Frederic Dupuis, Miloslav Dusek, Matej Pivoluska

WINE COMMITTEE: Jan Bouda, Frederic Dupuis, Matej Pivoluska, Martin Plesch, Mario Ziman

SELECTION COMMITTEE: (responsible for selection of contributed talks)
Jan Bouda, Giulio Chiribella, Frédéric Dupuis, Jens Eisert, Ramon Munoz Tapia, Daniel Nagaj, Simone Severini, Mario Ziman

300 € (350 € for single room and 250 € for accompanying person) and as usually, the fee includes all local expenses: accommodation, all meals and all activities. Do not book the accommodation by yourself.

    registration and submission open: 10/03/2015
    abstract submission deadline: 10/04/2015
    abstract acceptance notification: at latest 23/04/2015
    registration deadline: 27/04/2015
    payment deadline: 07/05/2015 (details available later)

The workshop is organized by
- Research Center for Quantum Information, Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava)
- Quantum Laboratory, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University (Brno)

  Jan Bouda, Zuzana Komárková, Martina Zemanová, Mário Ziman,
  contact: ceqip.eu@gmail.com