12th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
18-21 June 2015, TelĨ, Czech Republic


A game in which groups composed of 3-5 (wo)men are solving riddles, puzzles and ciphers in order to find the CEQIP 2015 secret phrase.

RESULTS: (8 teams played, 5 found the ceqip password)
22:33 The winners: Adam, Mateus, Przemek, Waldemar, Lukasz, Justyna, Jakub
22:40 The winning team: Daniel+1, Giulio+1, David, Marco
22:49 Lee Roy Jenkins goes on a hunt: Ciara, Courtney, Tomas, Ashley
23:01 Obranci: Sandra, Matej, Krishna, Fred, Stephen
23:18 AMKA: Anka, Miso, Giacomo, Alessandro
23:20* Finnishers: Mikko, Kimmo, Roope,
23:20* ______: Edgar, Carlos, Matteo, Ravi, Mateus
23:20* Expendables: Martin, Jens, Marcin,

* solved first 6 puzzles by that time, but were too disappointed to continue.

Thanks to all the players. I hope they have enjoyed it and I am sure you will join the small group of people that knows the origin of the name tetris and were first to play (otherwise boring) domino tennis.

Enjoy the samples:

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