13th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
16-19 June 2016, Valtice, Czech Republic

* based on registrations, thus, not confirmed officially.

  1. Stefan Baeuml : Bounding multipartite key rate in quantum broadcast networks
  2. Thomas Bromley : Accessible quantification of multiparticle entanglement
  3. Thomas Bromley aka Marco Piani : Robustness of asymmetry and coherence of quantum states
  4. Daniel Burgarth : Dynamical Decoupling in Infinite Dimensions Ξ slides Ξ
  5. Mateus de Araújo Santos : A purification postulate for quantum mechanics with no causal order
  6. Giacomo de Palma : Gaussian optimizers in quantum information
  7. Julio de Vicente : Simple conditions constraining the set of quantum correlations
  8. Sergey N. Filippov : Positive tensor products of qubit maps and 2-tensor-stable positive qubit maps
  9. Felix Huber : Characterizing ground and thermal states of few-body Hamiltonians
  10. Jed Kaniewski : Self-testing of the singlet: analytic bounds from operator inequalities
  11. Jukka Kiukas : Two examples of quantum resource control with single qubit probes
  12. Matthias Kleinmann : Device-independent demonstration that a qubit is more than a quantum coin
  13. Alexander Müller-Hermes : Relative Entropy Bounds on Quantum, Private and Repeater Capacities
  14. Daniel Nagaj : Quantum proofs can be verified using only single qubit measurements Ξ slides Ξ
  15. Nikolajs Nahimovs : Exceptional configurations of quantum walks with Grover's coin
  16. Yasser Omar: Spatial Search by Quantum Walk is Optimal for Almost all Graphs
  17. Chris Perry : Doubly infinite separation of quantum information and communication
  18. Martin Plávala : Conditions for optimal input states for discrimination of quantum channels
  1. Libor Caha : Very entangled spin chains
  2. Krzysztof Domino : Tensor networks of the cumulant tensors.
  3. Máté Farkas and Péter Vrana : Homological codes and abelian anyons
  4. Aurél Gábris : Measuring topologically protected edge states in disordered discrete time quantum walks
  5. Piotr Gawron : Numerical range for random matrices
  6. Iulia Ghiu : Describing polarization of non-Gaussian states
  7. Adam Glos : Constructive quantum scaling of unitary matrices
  8. Craig Hamilton : Gaussian Boson Sampling
  9. Christoph Hirche : Asymptotically optimal rates for minimum error discrimination with fixed measurements
  10. Felix Huber : Characterizing ground and thermal states of few-body Hamiltonians
  11. Waldemar Klobus : On nonlocality and contextuality as resource theories
  12. Dariusz Kurzyk : Quantum Markov Fields in image processing
  13. Ludovico Lami : Bipartite depolarizing channels
  14. Lvzhou Li : Lower bounds on the size of semi-quantum finite automata
  15. Justyna Łodyga : The uncertainty principle beyond quantum mechanics Ξ award Ξ
  16. Ilia Luchnikov : Nonlinear dynamics induced by successive rank-r selective measurments
  17. Christian Majenz : Catalytic Decoupling
  18. Marcin Markiewicz : Three-dimensional visualisation of a qutrit
  19. Ugo Marzolino : Entanglement and teleportation with identical particles
  20. Darren Moore : Quantum Computation With Optomechanical Cluster States
  21. Mateusz Ostaszewski : Lively quantum walks on cycles
  22. Łukasz Pawela : Distinguishability of random quantum channels
  23. Matej Pivoluska : Experimentally secure relativistic bit commitment
  24. Martin Plesch : An explicit classical strategy for winning a CHSHq game
  25. Zbigniew Puchała : Asymptotic entropic uncertainty relations
  26. Daowen Qiu and Shenggen Zheng : Time-space tradeoffs for two-way finite automata
  27. Daniel Reitzner : Incompatible measurements on quantum causal networks
  28. Przemysław Sadowski : Fixed point quantum spatial search for multiple marked locations
  29. Gniewomir Sarbicki : Generalising Wigner's theorem
  30. Martin Schwarz : Approximating local observables on projected entangled-pair states Ξ award Ξ
  31. Kaushik P. Seshdareesan : Unconstrained distillation capacities of a pure-loss bosonic broadcast channel
  32. Kaushik P. Seshdareesan : Operational meaning of quantum measures of recovery
  33. Anna Szczepanek: Quantum dynamical entropy and Hadamard matrices
  34. Mikko Tukiainen : Approximate quantum programming
  35. Zizhu Wang : Nonlocality and Entanglement of Spin Squeezed States
  36. Hania Wojewódka : Towards realistic randomness amplification

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