13th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop
16-19 June 2016, Valtice, Czech Republic


A game in which groups composed of 3-5 (wo)men are solving riddles, puzzles and ciphers in order to find the CEQIP 2016 secret phrase.

      1. 22:10 Local strategy (Mateus, Philippe, Zizhu)
      2. 22:30 Beer bugs (Marcus, Nico, Matej, Libor, Martin, Siddarth)
      3. 23:00 Emptyset (Mario, Anna, Chris, Christoph, Alex, Ludovico)
      4. ???
      5. ???
      6. ???
      7. ???
      8. ???

This is what was written in local journal Valtice Reports issued just before the game. It is unpublishable what was written after.

CIPHERS and SOLUTIONS &Xi, cipher 1 Ξ&Xi, solution Ξ
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