15th CEQIP workshop, June 13-16 2018, Smolenice, Slovakia

Sergey Filippov: Lower and upper bounds on classical capacity of nonunital channels
Andreas Bluhm: Quantum compression relative to a set of measurements
Stefan Baeuml: Fundamental limitations on the capacities of bipartite quantum interactions
Frédéric Dupuis: Secure Certification of Mixed Quantum States with Application to Two-Party Randomness Generation
Daniel Nagaj: Shorter unentangled proofs for Ground State Connectivity
Remigiusz Augusiak: Bell inequalities for maximally entangled states
Chris Perry: Elementary Thermal Operations
Aleksandra Krawiec: Vertices cannot be hidden from quantum spatial search for almost all random graphs
Miguel Navascues: Resetting uncontrolled quantum systems
Jedrzej Kaniewski: Self-testing of qutrit systems
Vilasini Venkatesh: Composable security in relativistic quantum cryptography
Zbigniew Puchała: Coherifying quantum channels
Marti Perarnau-Llobet: Quantum metrology with one-dimensional superradiant photonic states
Libor Caha: Feynman-Kitaev computer's clock: bias, gaps, idling and pulse tuning
Wieslaw Laskowski: Multipartite nonlocality and random measurement

Felix Huber: Exponentially many monogamy and correlation constraints for multipartite states
Konstantin Beyer: Dynamical quantum steering of an open qubit
Máté Farkas: Self-testing mutually unbiased bases in the prepare-and-measure scenario
Dariusz Kurzyk: Unconditional Security of a K-State Quantum Key Distribution Protocol
Mikołaj Czechlewski: Efficient device independent dimension witness of arbitrary quantum systems employing binary outcome measurements
Ryszard Kukulski: Strategies for optimal single-shot discrimination of quantum measurements
Costantino Budroni: Memory cost of temporal correlations
Niklas Johansson: Efficient simulation of some quantum computer algorithms
Martin Plávala: Conditions for the compatibility of channels and their connection to steering and Bell nonlocality
Daniel Reitzner: Grover Search under Localized Dephasing
Łukasz Pawela: Spectrum broadcast structures in spin star systems
Timo Simnacher: Entanglement detection with scrambled data
Przemysław Sadowski: Quantum distance-based classifier with constant size memory, distributed knowledge and state recycling
Martin Plesch: Loss of Information in Quantum Guessing Game
Nikolay Nahimov: On the Probability of Finding Marked Connected Components Using Quantum Walks
Carlos Pineda: Using quantum non-Markovianity
Xiao-Dong Yu: Detecting Coherence via Spectrum Estimation
Debashis Saha: Preparation contextuality as the fundamental resource in quantum communication
Piotr Mironowicz: Connections Between Mutually Unbiased Bases and Quantum Random Access Codes
Matej Pivoluska: Tensor valued hypergraph states
Adam Glos: Impact of the malicious input data modification on the efficiency of quantum algorithms
Jakub Jan Borkala: Multiparty Distributed Quantum Random Access Codes
Kimmo Luoma: Parametrization and optimization of Gaussian non-Markovian unravelings for open quantum dynamics
Mátyás Koniorczyk: Nonlocal behaviors and game-theoretic narratives
Mario Ziman: Discrimination of memory channels
Tom Bullock: Characterising Optimal Error Bounds for Qubits
Tomas Rybar: Discrimination of memory channels
Fabian Bernards: On the Generalisation of Daemonic Gain in Ergotropy
Mateusz Ostaszewski: Geometrical versus time-series representation of data in learning quantum control
Piotr Gawron: Hyper-spectral image segmentation using adiabatic quantum computation
Ryszard Kukulski: Strategies for optimal single-shot discrimination of quantum measurements
Shin-Liang Chen: Exploring the framework of assemblage moment matrices and its applications in device-independent characterizations
Paulina Lewandowska: Monotonicity of the average singular values of Ginibre matrices
Anna Szczepanek: Dynamical entropy for qutrits: beyond rank-one POVMs
Nikolai Miklin: Causal inequalities from variable-elimination methods
Timo Simnacher: Entanglement detection with scrambled data
Justyna Łodyga: Do closed timelike curves violate the second law of thermodynamics?
Tomasz Januszek: Impact of global and local interaction on quantum spatial search on chimera graph
Peter Rapčan: Area-law entangled eigenstates can preserve ergodicity
Michal Sedlak: Perfect probabilistic storing and retrieving of unitary channels
Antonio Sebastian Rosado González: The effect of Lorentz transformations on quantum observables and reduced density matrices
Constantino Rodriguez Ramos: Convex structure of the set of doubly-stochastic qutrit quantum channels.
Edgar Aguilar Lozano: Randomness Certification Under Realistic Assumptions
Yichen Zhang: Noiseless Linear Amplifiers in Continuous Variable Measurement Device Independent Quantum Cryptography
Jaroslav Pavličko: Equivalence of programmable quantum processors
Iskender Yalcinkaya: Ideal negative measurements for a photonic quantum walk
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