15th CEQIP workshop, June 13-16 2018, Smolenice, Slovakia


Closest airports:
     Bratislava (approx. 10 km from City Center)
     Vienna (only 60 km from Bratislava City Center, direct bus connection)

Please have in mind that flying to Vienna could be a faster way how to reach Bratislava than flying to Bratislava (unless you have direct flight). Vienna Airport is accessible from almost all European destinations.

Conference bus:
     13.06.2018 14:00 Vienna Airport
     13.06.2018 approx 15:00 Bratislava, Airport
     13.06.2018 16:30 Smolenice castle

     16.06.2018 11:00 Smolenice Castle
     16.06.2018 12:30 Bratislava Airport
     16.06.2018 13:30 Vienna Airport

The MEETING POINTS at the Airports will be specified later!!!

Bratislava public transport:
Bus drivers DO NOT SELL bus tickets. Use TICKET MACHINES, or newsagents.

Train/Bus public transport information: http://www.cp.sk/
Public transport in Bratislava: http://www.imhd.sk/
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