16th CEQIP workshop, June 3-6 2019, Skalica, Slovakia

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (I = invited talk, C = contributed talk, P = poster, X = X)

  1. I Daniel Cavalcanti - TBA
  2. I Jens Eisert - Towards closing the loopholes of showing a quantum advantage
  3. I Teiko Heinosaari - Heisenberg meets Galois - a structural viewpoint to noise and disturbance
  4. I Mária Kieferová - Simulating the dynamics of time-dependent Hamiltonians with a truncated Dyson series
  5. I Alexander Müller-Hermes - When Do Composed Maps Become Entanglement Breaking?
  6. I Marcin Pawlovski - Old and new results on the number of mutually unbiased bases
  7. C Costantino Budroni - Memory cost of temporal correlations
  8. C Libor Caha - Very entangled spin chains and combinatorial techniques in condensed matter physics
  9. C Anubhav Chaturvedi - The ground of quantum communication advantage.
  10. C Marco Erba - Axiomatic Construction of Probabilistic Theories, and a simplicial theory with entanglement
  11. C Felix Huber - Exponentially many monogamy and correlation constraints for multipartite states
  12. C Jędrzej Kaniewski - A weak form of self-testing
  13. C Aleksander M. Kubicki - Resource Quantification for the No-Programming Theorem
  14. C Nikolai Miklin - Self-testing of unsharp measurements
  15. C Amit Mukherjee - Uncertainty principle as a postquantum nonlocality witness for the continuous-variable multimode scenario
  16. C Miguel Navascues - Coarse-graining classical and quantum networks
  17. C Michał Oszmaniec - Operational relevance of resource theories of quantum measurements
  18. C Łukasz Pawela - POVM discrimination
  19. C Gael Sentís - Unsupervised classification of quantum data
  20. C Roope Uola - Quantifying quantum resources with conic programming
  21. C Mirjam Weilenmann - Analysing causal structures in generalised probabilistic theories
  22. P Edgar Aguilar - Simple Testable Random Number Generator
  23. P Fabian Bernards - Searching for a generalization of the I3322 Bell inequality
  24. P Konstantin Beyer - When is a Szilárd engine really quantum?
  25. P Shin-Liang Chen - Robust self-testing of Pauli observables and its applications in device-independent certification of all two-qubit entangled states
  26. P Benjamin Dive - Characterisation of multi-level quantum coherence without ideal measurements
  27. P Gerhard Dueck - Efficient Design of Quantum Circuit for IBM's QX Architectures
  28. P Máté Farkas - On the different measures of incompatibility robustness
  29. P Artem Glinov - TBA
  30. P Waldemar Klobus - On k-uniform mixed states
  31. P Aleksandra Krawiec - Majorization uncertainty relations for mixed quantum states
  32. P Ryszard Kukulski - Generating random quantum channels
  33. P Leevi Leppäjärvi - No-free-information principle in general probabilistic theories
  34. P Paulina Lewandowska - Benchmarking and comparison of the Rigetti and IBM Q quantum architectures
  35. P Jyun-Yi Li - Hidden teleportation power for entangled quantum states
  36. P Keren Li - Optimizing a Polynomial Function on a Quantum Simulator
  37. P Pei-Sheng Lin - Exploring Bell inequalities for the device-independent certification of multipartite entanglement depth
  38. P Marcin Łobejko - Quantum circuit heat engine
  39. P Filip Maciejewski - TBA
  40. P Esteban Martínez Vargas - Certified Answers for ordered quantum discrimination problems
  41. P M. Hamed Mohammady - Conditional work statistics of quantum measurements
  42. P Nikolajs Nahimovs - TBA
  43. P Jaroslav Pavličko - TBA
  44. P Martin Plávala - Quantum and classical implementations of the Popescu-Rohrlich box correlations
  45. P Václav Potoček - Using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for quantum circuit discovery
  46. P Zbigniew Puchała - All quantum measurements can be simulated using projective measurements and postselection
  47. P Peter Rapčan - TBA
  48. P Daniel Reitzner - Searching friends with Grover algorithm
  49. P László Ruppert - Optimality of Mutually Unbiased Bases for Quantum Tomography
  50. P Michal Sedlák - Optimal quantum process storing-and-retrieving protocols
  51. P Georgiy Semin - TBA
  52. P Shivang Srivastava - On quantum secret sharing protocols over noisy channels
  53. P David Trillo - Remote time manipulation
  54. P Shih-Xian Yang - Multipartite Bell-inequality violation using randomly chosen triads
  55. P Shenggen Zheng - Symmetric Boolean functions computed by exact one query quantum algorithm
  56. P Mario Ziman - Searching friends with Grover algorithm
  57. X Jan Bouda
  58. X Zoltán Zimborás
  59. X Mária Surovcová

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