16th CEQIP workshop, June 3-6 2019, Skalica, Slovakia

Monday, 3.6.2019
14:00-16:30 Conference Bus from Vienna Airport
17:30-19:00 EVENING SESSION (chaired by C)
17:30-18:10 I Jens Eisert Towards closing the loopholes of showing a quantum advantage
18:10-18:35 C Costantino Budroni Memory cost of temporal correlations
18:35-19:00 C Miguel Navascues Coarse-graining classical and quantum networks
19:00 WELCOME DINNER (wine evening at Vino Masaryk, Sasinkova 18A, Skalica)

Tuesday, 4.6.2019
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:00-12:30 MORNING SESSION (chaired by E)
09:00-09:40 I Marcin Pawlowski Old and new results on the number of mutually unbiased bases
09:40-10:05 C Felix Huber Exponentially many monogamy and correlation constraints for multipartite states
10:05-10:30 C Gael Sentís Unsupervised classification of quantum data
10:30-11:00 Coffee & Refreshment
11:00-11:40 I Alexander Müller-Hermes When Do Composed Maps Become Entanglement Breaking?
11:40-12:05 C Aleksander Marcin Kubicki Resource Quantification for the No-Programming Theorem
12:05-12:30 C Mirjam Weilenmann Analysing causal structures in generalised probabilistic theories
13:00-13:30 Lunch
14:00-15:30 AFTERNOON SESSION (chaired by Q)
14:00-14:40 I Daniel Cavalcanti Statistical Mechanics of Quantum Communication Networks
14:40-15:05 C Pawel Mazurek Thermal processes and state achievablity
15:05-15:30 C Marco Erba Axiomatic Construction of Probabilistic Theories, and a simplicial theory with entanglement
15:30-16:00 Coffee & Refreshment
16:00-18:30 POSTER SESSION
18:30 DINNER (Lecture hall, beer and wine raut)
19:00-23:00 CIPHER GAME (18:30 registration)

Wednesday, 5.6.2019
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:00-12:30 MORNING SESSION (chaired by I)
09:00-09:40 I Mária Kieferová Simulating the dynamics of time-dependent Hamiltonians with a truncated Dyson series
09:40-10:05 C Roope Uola Quantifying quantum resources with conic programming
10:05-10:30 C Michal Oszmaniec Operational relevance of resource theories of quantum measurements
10:30-10:35 Group photo
10:35-11:00 Coffee & Refreshment
11:00-11:40 I Teiko Heinosaari Heisenberg meets Galois - a structural viewpoint to noise and disturbance
11:40-12:05 C Łukasz Pawela POVM discrimination
12:05-12:30 C Nikolai Miklin Self-testing of unsharp measurements
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:40-13:45 - meeting at the main square
13:45-15:00 - walk to river port (4 km)
15:00-16:45 - boat trip to Strážnice
16:45-18:00 - visiting indigoprint factory in Strážnice
18:00-19:00 - boat trip Strážnice to Petrov
19:00-22:00 - Petrov, conference dinner in charming wine cellars (so-called "plže")

Thursday, 6.6.2019
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:30-10:45 MORNING SESSION (chaired by P)
09:30-09:55 C Anubhav Chaturvedi The ground of quantum communication advantage
09:55-10:20 C Libor Caha Very entangled spin chains and combinatorial techniques in condensed matter physics
10:20-10:45 C Jędrzej Kaniewski A weak form of self-testing
10:45-11:00 Take Away Refreshment
11:00-13:30 Conference bus
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