16th CEQIP workshop, June 3-6 2019, Skalica, Slovakia

Cipher game results

  1. 22:55 3 fanny 2
  2. 23:30 Psuccess → 1
  3. 23:45 Feral qubits
  4. 03:15 Wigner's friends
  5. xx:xx Katzomerda
  6. xx:xx Tontoelquelolea
  7. xx:xx Taiwan #
  8. xx:xx Whitewalkers
  9. xx:xx GP team
  10. xx:xx Q
Cipher game

No idea what such game is about? The best is to try. Create a team (3-5 people) and find the registration point (ask orgs) between 18:15-18:45.

What is its goal? Write a so-called ceqip password on a piece of paper and gove it to the orgs. If you are first who is correct, you win.

How to find the ceqip password? Open the starting envelope and solve puzzles to know how to proceed.

How to solve a puzzle? Keep in mind that puzzles are meant to be solved, thus, they contain well hidden hints. Once you know the puzzle principle it should not take more than 10 minutes to solve it. Remeber that ideas of all players are important.
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