19th CEQIP workshop, June 03-06 2024, Skalica, Slovakia

Cipher game results Seven teams joined the quantum communication network debate on future of euroQCI in Central Europe area. After climbing the circuit tree code they learnt which quantities matters for quantum computer. They got access to first 24/7 quantum communication infrastructure between (sk)Alice and (sk)Bob at Potočná street and successfully eavedroped their BB84 secured communication. The adventure revealed the identity of most wanted participant - rocker shorten than short ... Thanks for participating and congratulations to winners. Five teams managed to found the correct ceqip password and remainign two ended on the last cipher. Qute.sk game :-)

1. PHBOCH 24 (Lucas, Lin, Jan L., Ties, Pawel, Jan)
2. The Italian Solo (Davie, Leonardo, Giuseppe, Mateus, Marcin)
3. GP TEAM (Leevi, Martin, Marvan, Oskari, Sergej, Mariami)
4. Brzdy (Ricardo, Diana, Natalia, Younes, Matej, Sazim)
5. RCQI - fire (Ieline, Ardra, Samgeeth, Soham, Saadat)
6.* Quantum Unsupremacy (Aabhas, Gabor, Abdelmalek, Sang-Jun, Pierre)
7.* Random walk (Fionnuala, Gerard A., Fereshte, Jorge)

Puzzle samples from this year ...

No idea what such game is about? The best is to try. Create a team (3-5 people) and find the registration desk in lecture room between 18:15-18:45. Skalica is the playground.

What is its goal? Write a so-called ceqip password on a piece of paper and give it to the orgs. If you are first who is correct, you win.

How to find the ceqip password? Open the starting envelope and solve puzzles to know how to proceed.

How to solve a puzzle? Keep in mind that puzzles are meant to be solved, thus, they contain well hidden hints. Once you know the puzzle principle it should not take more than 15 minutes to solve it. Remember that all the ideas of all players are helpful. And after 20 minutes of trying to find solution there is hint available.
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