19th CEQIP workshop, June 03-06 2024, Skalica, Slovakia


CEQIP will be held in the Culture House of "free kings town" Skalica situated approximatively 60 km north of Bratislava on the borders with Czechia. The town has a long history dating thousands years in the past, part of it you will discover when coming there.

Participants will be accommodated in small hotels and pensions in walking distance from the meeting place. Let us note that accommodation expenses are included in the conference fee, thus, you are asked NOT TO BOOK the accommodation by yourself. The information will be shared with directly by organizers. Pls ignore potential scams regarding accommodation from anybody else.

The best is to fly to Vienna Airport. We will organize a conference bus from there leaving 13:30 on Monday and arriving 14:00 on Thursday. Alternatives are also Bratislava, or Brno Airport. If coming by train you need to change in Kuty that is accessible by international EC trains. More detailed information will be sent directly to accepted participants.

We plan CEQIP cipher game visiting some of the beauties of Skalica and an unforgetable conference trip on quantum flagSHIP to Strážnice and Petrov, Plže.
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