18th CEQIP workshop, September 05-08 2023, Smolenice, Slovakia

PROGRAM (15 Contributed+7 Invited)
Tuesday, 05.9.2023
13:30-16:00 Conference Bus from Vienna Airport
17:00-19:00 EVENING SESSION (chaired by C Mario Ziman)
17:00-17:40 I Paolo Perinotti: Incompatibility and irreversibility: from Heisenberg to post-quantum Ξ pdf Ξ
17:40-18:20 I Jens Eisert: Towards quantum advantages in machine learning and combinatorial otpimisation
18:20-19:00 I Matthias Kleinmann: Operational theories in phase space Ξ pdf Ξ

Wednesday, 06.9.2023
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:00-12:30 MORNING SESSION (chaired by Leevi Leppäjärvi)
09:00-09:40 I Toni Acin: Network quantum information processing Ξ pdf Ξ
09:40-10:00 C Teiko Heinosaari: Dispensing of quantum information beyond no-broadcasting theorem
10:05-10:30 C Nikolai Wyderka: Refuting spectral compatibility of quantum marginals Ξ pdf Ξ
10:30-10:55 C Máté Farkas: Bell nonlocality is not sufficient for the security of standard device-independent QKD protocols Ξ pdf Ξ
10:55-11:30 Coffee & Refreshment
11:30-12:10 I Sevag Gharibian: The optimal depth of variational quantm algorithms is QCMA-hard to approximate Ξ pdf Ξ
12:10-12:35 C Mirjam Weilenmann: Optimisation of time-ordered processes in the finite and asymptotic regime
12:35-13:00 C Mateus Araújo: Quantum key distribution rates from semidefinite programming Ξ pdf Ξ
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 AFTERNOON SESSION (chaired by Martin Plávala)
14:00-14:40 I Roope Uola: Genuinly high-dimensional quantum devices
14:40-15:05 C Lin Htoo Zaw: Dynamics-based Certification of Nonclassicality and Entanglement
15:05-15:30 C Alastair Abbott: Improving social welfare in non-cooperative games with different types of quantum resources Ξ pdf Ξ
15:30-16:00 Coffee & Refreshment
16:00-18:30 POSTER SESSION
18:30 DINNER
19:00-23:00 CIPHER GAME (18:30 registration)

Thursday, 07.9.2023
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:00-12:30 MORNING SESSION (chaired by Aurel Gábris)
09:00-09:40 I Ion Nechita: Diagonal unitary and orthogonal symmetries in quantum theory Ξ pdf Ξ
09:40-10:00 C Lorenzo Maccone: Geometric Event-Based Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
10:05-10:30 C Paolo Abiuso: Verification of Continuous-Variable Quantum Memories Ξ pdf Ξ
10:30-10:35 Group photo
10:35-11:00 Coffee & Refreshment
11:00-11:25 C Giovanni Scala: What is nonclassical about uncertainty relations? Ξ pdf Ξ
11:25-11:50 C Paweł Cieśliński: Valid and efficient entanglement verification with finite copies of a quantum state
11:50-12:15 C Libor Caha: Single-qubit gate teleportation provides a quantum advantage
12:20-13:00 Lunch

Friday, 08.9.2023
08:00-08:45 Breakfast
09:20-10:35 MORNING SESSION (chaired by Libor Caha)
09:20-09:45 C Moisés Bermejo Morán: Bell inequalities with overlapping measurementsΞ pdf Ξ
09:45-10:10 C Maria Balanzó-Juandó: All pure multipartite entangled states of qubits can be self-tested up to complex conjugation
10:10-10:35 C Martin Plávala: Contextuality as a precondition for entanglement Ξ pdf Ξ
10:35-11:00 Take Away Refreshment
11:00-13:30 Conference bus to Vienna Airport
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